1 Are your haunted houses scary? Is there an age limit?

A. Our haunts are SCARY! The attractions are not intended for the faint of heart. Our commitment to you is that we WILL scare you. We do not recommend our attractions for children under the ago of 12.

2 What if I have a heart condition or if I'm pregnant or nursing a child?

A. Those with heart conditions or pregnant or nursing moms should not attend our attractions. It's just not a good idea. If you gave birth inside one of our attractions, just know that your child could be scarred for life. So, FAIR WARNING!

3. Will I get grabbed, torn or have my brain eaten? Do I need to know self defense?

A. Shouldn't happen. No seriously, do not touch any of the creatures. If you don't touch them, they won't touch you. Besides, if you touched them, you'd be sorry because most of them are covered in decaying flesh, grime, blood, goo or some other related mess.

4. If I get scared, I might have the overwhelming impulse to high tail it outta there. Is that OK?

A. Running inside our haunted environments is not permitted and will not be tolerated. Safety and your personal enjoyment are our top priorities, and people can get hurt if you run. So just don't do it - or else someone could get hurt, like we said already…If you get too scared or can't continue because you chicken out or mess yourself, we will have several exits for you to leave the madness.

5. Sometimes I like to be a jerk and get abusive with people, so what do ya think about that punk?

A. Those found to be abusive or unruly will be escorted from the attraction by a uniformed police officer and will not be allowed to return. Refunds will not be given. Just be cool dude.

6. OK, this looks great, but is it really scary and safe?

A. We are making great efforts to provide a fun and safe experience. However … Enter at your own risk. Demented Creatures and Monsters are lurking around every corner waiting to fill you with intense fear and burn horrific images into your retinas. They have been trained to identify and exploit the most frightening torments of your mind. Yes it's scary. Come see for yourself!

7. I have the strange feeling that I'm being watched. What's up with that?

A. You ARE being watched. For the safety of everyone involved, our attraction is monitored by video surveillance. Vandalism will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We'll have Police remember, so just be cool dude, and have a good time.

8. Are you open if it rains?

A. Absolutely! We have covered queue lines to protect you from the elements, so come on out. Actually, there's nothing better than going to a scary haunted house on a dark, raining night, so we'll be waiting for you.

9. I had a question, but I forgot what it was

A No problem, happens to us all the time. Just contact us at info@thehorrorhauntedhouse.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We're here to bring you a safe, entertaining and "over the top" horrifiying experience, and with your help, we can all make this world a better place for everyone.

We're here to scare you because we think you deserve it!